Portfolio: Holland Trade and Culture Website

CLIENT  //  Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy img - external link

DEVELOPER  //  Mobomo

SOLUTION  //  Holland Trade & Culture website img - external link


Our Work: Kingdom of Netherlands - Ideation / Strategy / Discovery / UX Design / Visual Design / User Stories / Code / Test / Launch


  • Developed a responsive website with break points for desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Created unique graphics & iconography
  • Site displays popular news and social media posts based on analytics trends


I engaged with The Kingdom of the Netherland’s embassy staff to create a new website, Netherlands in the USA,  that would strengthen their relationship with the United States as well as foster cultural exchange, business opportunities, and promote Holland’s leading role in the scientific and technology fields.

To accurately capture Holland’s natural beauty, rich diversity, and their enthusiastic personalities, we developed a visually stunning color palette – including their trademark orange – that was splashed across every page throughout the site.

portfolio - NL in US 6

From here, we custom-made graphics and illustrations to highlight the content and increase engagement with their key audiences. Over 50 infographics were created by Mobomo designers, with each infographic designed to depict Holland’s historical and cultural landmarks, prominent architecture, and thriving urban landscapes.

portfolio - NL in US 7b

The design team worked closely with the Kingdom of Netherland’s team every step of the way to achieve a true online masterpiece that the entire kingdom can appreciate.

portfolio - NL in US 1

portfolio - NL in US 2

portfolio - NL in US 3

portfolio - NL in US 4

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