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Our Work: Marriott - Ideation / Strategy / Discovery / CX Design / UX Design / Visual Design / User Stories / Code / Test / Launch


  • Collaborated with FedEx’s executive team on Product Vision & Strategy
  • Led a global team in the design and development of an E-Learning Platform utilizing Agile product development



I utilized a form of Agile called Rapid Application Development (RAD) because it emphasizes working software and user feedback over planning and documentation.

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FedEx executives wanted to improve the knowledge of their Global Sales force without impacting their daily work. I led a design thinking session in order to focus our collective efforts around the ideation and strategy of a potential solution. This session proved valuable, where we conceptualized a content delivery platform that provided their Sales team with new questions & content each week through a web and mobile platform.

The FedEx E-Learning Platform was born.

I reviewed the outputs from our design thinking session and turned them into detailed requirements for the E-Learning Platform, which included the development of both a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a responsive website, all hosted in the cloud.

From here, I drafted user stories from the initial requirements and prioritized them in the backlog. I then mapped out the user flows by primary goals and corresponding tasks, and started designing the user experience via wireframes.


portfolio - fedex mobile wireframes


One unique feature of the content delivery platform is that it pushes learning content – either two questions every other day or five questions every other day – directly to both their mobile phone and the website via Pulse notification service with push notifications and email alerts.

The user can select the delivery schedule and mode of delivery.


portfolio - fedex mobile screens


The ability to access the content on both their mobile devices and their computers makes the platform flexible to the needs of FedEx’s Global Sales force.


portfolio - fedex dashboard


The questions are text based and/or offer illustrations, videos, or photos. The question format is multiple choice with correct response, rationale, and the ability to display resource links that open within the app.


portfolio - fedex questions


These are the additional requirements for the E-Learning Platform:

  • Wrongly answered questions move to the end for retesting
  • Sample content for demo (Apple requirement) which opens on first launch only, but may be reset by user (customization point)
  • Unlimited number of courses listed in a course library
  • The app is free to download from the Apple and Google Play stores, no API verification required, access code will be required to open content
  • Each course is downloaded from the Apple’s App Store or Google Play stores and available for offline consumption
  • Sync occurs, while online, with every screen transition
  • Expiration notification 30 days prior to expiration to alert user; the content is no longer available for consumption upon expiration. User, completion, and score data shall remain intact.

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