Special Report: Building Efficient, Consistent, and Secured Customer Experiences

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DATE  //  May 2020



I collaborated on developing this special report on Building Efficient, Consistent, and Secured Experiences with Mark Fuentes (CIO of PFS), Kristoffer Featheringham (Head of Design at Freddie Mac), Ryan Means (AVP of Livearea), along with CCW Digital Author Amanda Caparelli.

This report includes:

  • Why both consumer trust and personalized experiences matter in an increasingly digital world
  • How the alignment of backstage processes and infrastructure is essential to building truly seamless customer experiences
  • The top 3 ways to set the foundation for more transparent, effortless and consistent experiences


Today’s customers want – and anticipate – brand interactions to be effortless, personalized, and quick. Regardless of the channel any given customer might be interacting with, the customer journey should be a consistently evolving and frictionless experience: one that is fully integrated, supported and secured by the right backstage systems, processes, and infrastructure.

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Although highly challenging, finding this balance between optimizing the experience and placing customer trust at the forefront of all business strategies will lead to greater efficiencies, enhanced brand reputation, and lasting success.

This report clarifies the obstacles around both optimizing and securing customer experiences, and provides actionable takeaways on enhancing consumer trust in a world where, unfortunately, trust is decreasing year-on-year.

It also offers a clear solution to balancing security and customer trust with creating seamless experiences, all while keeping the customer at the center of decision-making.

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