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Our Work: Kingdom of Netherlands - Ideation / Strategy / Discovery / UX Design / Visual Design / User Stories / Code / Test / Launch


  • Consulted with the the CEO of FitApp on strategy, design, and requirements
  • Built using Agile Scrum and Test-Driven Development on iOS and open source technologies
  • Created an algorithm for developing personalized meal plans based on fitness goals, diet goals, body measurements, and diet restrictions & allergies


The FitApp executives approached us to fill a needed gap in the digital fitness market. They wanted to develop a personalized fitness and diet app that automatically creates workout plans and meal plans based on fitness goals, diet goals, body measurements, and food restrictions & allergies. This simplifies the process for anyone who just wants to enjoy working out and eating healthy without the hassle of developing their own fitness & meal plans.

FitApp - StyleTile

We kicked off Sprint 0 by researching the digital fitness market and were surprised at the depth and breadth of platforms available in mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. From our initial research we were able to better define the product vision & strategy, user personas, product personality, design principles, and the style tile to help set the foundation for developing FitApp. We also created the style guide that reflects FitApp’s unique personality and design specs, which provided detailed creative direction to the videography team shooting the workout videos exclusively for FitApp members.

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Next, we drafted the user stories with acceptance criteria, and started mapping out the various use cases. There were a ton of requirements, and we wanted to make sure that the user experience remained intuitive and easy to use. From there, I created wireframes of the user experience. To simplify the process of saving completed workouts, we designed an integrated experience that allows users to not only view their workouts, but to track every rep, set, and even rest periods in the same area. We also built an API to pull in Fitbit data so users can manage and track all their workouts in one place.

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In order to provide the personalized meal plans for each FitApp member, we built an algorithm that takes a member’s fitness goals, diet goals, body measurements, food restrictions & allergies, and then develops a personalized set of meal plans – with recipes – that the member can utilize to accurately guide their diet. The meal plans utilize the FDA’s daily recommended 2,600 calories for basic members who are new to working out and/or don’t work out that often. And more advanced athletes will receive tailored meal plans with higher caloric intake to ensure they’re properly fueled.

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We successfully deployed FitApp in 2016 and quickly gained 2.5 million downloads!



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