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Our Work: Kingdom of Netherlands - Ideation / Strategy / Discovery / UX Design / Visual Design / User Stories / Code / Test / Launch


  • Developed the PULSE® data platform that Navanti Group sells to clients and organizations around the world
  • Responsive web-based data platform with break points for desktop and tablet
  • Created a unique interactive geospatial interface


I utilized a form of Agile called Rapid Application Development (RAD) because it emphasizes working software and user feedback over planning and documentation.

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I worked with Navanti Group’s executive team to strategize and conceptualize a data platform that provided their clients access to the underlying data in Navanti Group’s intelligence reports through an interactive geospatial interface.

The PULSE® data platform was born.

I quickly gathered analysis from our design thinking session, began developing user stories, and started designing the user experience via wireframes.

Navanti - Dashboard Wireframes

Once I got approval on the wireframes, I worked with our talented developers to begin building the platform.

Functioning as a common operating picture (COP) for clients, PULSE provides a suite of tools for geospatial and time-series analysis. Utilizing the built-in indexing capability, clients can upload their own custom reports that include regions, lat/long, people, groups, events, local HUMINT, and attachments. Clients can also submit Request For Information (RFI) directly through PULSE and interact with Navanti Group’s analysts through the platform.

Portfolio - Navanti Pulse

The PULSE experience can be optimized by purchasing Active Monitoring packages from Navanti Group, which includes data streams for each country of interest, such as bi-weekly economic monitoring, street-level imagery, social media updates, comments from locals, and much more. The advanced search allows users to quickly sift through teraflops of data to find exactly what they need.

Current PULSE clients include several U.S. government agencies, including USAID and State Department, as well as a multitude of international organizations.

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Since the initial deployment, Navanti Group has continued developing the PULSE data platform to focus it more heavily around the interactive geospatial interface.



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